Monday, September 12, 2016

Race Report - Governor’s Cup 2016

Governor’s Cup report!

 It all started about a week before the Governor’s Cup. I pulled the car out of the trailer as I had to replace the exhaust valves from the previous race. Some of them had stretched almost .025 during the converter blow up at the beginning of the year.

I know, I know, why did he wait so long? 

Well I have many engine jobs going right now and it is tough to fit in the race car.

When I pulled it apart I also found one spark plug with the ground strap burned off even though the jetting is still on the rich side. 

Well, I found out I had put two steps hotter spark plugs (NGK -8) in by mistake. Don’t know how that happened! The hotter plugs raised the temp on the spark plug and burned the ground strap. I put the correct NGK -10 in this time.

 I started taking it apart about 5 days before the race and got everything ready to go by Friday which is the day before the race. 

I started putting it back together at noon on Friday and I didn’t really expect to get it done in time for the Governor’s Cup and resigned to the fact that I was getting it ready for the Hot Rod Reunion in October.

Somehow everything went together smoothly and Lisa and I started it around 9pm that night.

 I worked getting ready until about midnight and then got up at 6am to finish up and get to the track. 

We barely made it in time and showed up about 15 minutes before first round of qualifying.

Don Dicero said hey, “qualifying starts in 15 minutes” and I said “plenty of time!”

 Bryan, Cliff and Paul got me up and running quickly and the car was ready for the first pass of qualifying. I ran 7.08 on the 7.00 index so that was a big relief.

The second round of qualifying the car started bouncing real bad and I shut it off early and still ran a 7.41 @135. The idle rpm was real high after the run and come to find out it blew a burst panel on that run.

Probably all the bouncing cause a spike in the boost.

 We got it ready for first round of eliminations and I had to run my good friend Don Dicero.

We had a fantastic race as we both ran 7.11 and I edged him out by just a small margin. 

We are now 1-1!

 Next round I raced Billy McDevitt and I had a great .005 light and won with a 7.12 to his quicker 7.05 run. 

That made me feel good as I did my job. Not bad for an old guy!

After I went through the lights on that run everything was fine and while coasting to a stop it sounded like I had a rock machine under my car and I thought my night was over. 

The engine would not even turn over so it looked pretty bad. Come to find out I had sheared all of my torque converter bolts so there was hope.

 It was a thrash as me and Lisa, Cliff, Greg Underwood, Kenny Fansler and Paul Andrews all worked feverishly to get it done as I was in the finals and time was running out.

 The finals were uneventful as I red lighted and spun the tires.

I was way too high rpm on the torque converter and that is why it spun. 

The sad part is my opponent Richard Phillips had trouble down track and was only able to run 8.30 so a mild run would have sealed the deal but I was going for it because he is a real hitter!

I really am very happy with the results and will take the runner-up spot. 

It was fun with lots of friends at the track and Shantel was there with the boys.

Bryan was there doing his match race, Tramp vs The Patriot and they both put on a good show.

It was really cool to hear that Josiah got everyone together to pray for his Poppy! 

What a good boy! 

Brooklyn came up to me after the race and said “Poppy we prayed for you to win!” 

That makes my heart soar.

If only Jade could have been there I would have had all 5 grandkids there but I know she was rooting me on by Facebook!

Thank-you to my crew, Cliff, Bryan & Paul and to family & friends that both helped and offered their help! (Shantel Aflleje, Kenny Fansler, Gregg Underwood, Jim Novotny, Kevin Aube, Ryan Doyel & Travis Varner.)

And of course, thank-you to those who came out to watch and cheer us on... (LeRoy Hall, Luis Torres & Ariyah, Connie Novotny, Kelly Underwood, Ulrick Lee, Dick Mayer, Stephanie Baker & boys, Jay Linn & girls) you keep us motivated.

What an awesome Racing Family we are blessed with!

Thanks to my great back up girls, (BUGS), Stacey and Kelley.  You ladies are the best!

 Many thanks to my wife Lisa for helping me get the car ready.

Thanks to Les Stripe my race partner as I would not be at this point if not for him.

And to my other race partner Ron Whitman, thanks buddy!

 I hope I am making you proud as you are looking down on us from the best vantage point of all!
Ron Whitman RIP 2012  
Next race, Bakersfield Hot Rod Reunion, October 21-23!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Race report for ANRA 6-21-14 at Bakersfield

 Bryan raced his car at this race and Kelley, Don and Mark were the crew. Winslow couldn’t make it but as always he helps buy gas to get to and from the track and I can tell you that is so very much appreciated. If it wasn’t for our family and with friends like Winslow, Les Stripe and Ron Whitman I don’t know if we would be running right now.  Mark was unable to race because Cliff was racing his car in Sacramento and is the main crew member for the red altered and Lisa is holding down the Fort with the social media and is working on our website. Look for a Hall Bros Speed Shop site soon!

 The race was in Bakersfield at Famoso Raceway. This is the track that holds the big March Meet and the Hot Rod Reunion. ANRA (American Nostalgia Racing Association) is an association that has been around for some time with several owners. It is now run by Butch Headrick and he is doing a great job. They hold a 4 races series for sportsman racers only. Our class NE-1 and AGas are the fastest classes at the 7.60 index. The last time the Hall Bros raced with ANRA was back in 1996 with the old Blue altered.

 We drove down Hwy 5 to get to the race track and crossed over to 99 by going through Wasco and I am so glad we did for two reasons that I will get to in a minute. The first reason is that hwy 99 is all jacked up and will ruin a car with all that bouncing. The second reason you will have to wait a bit. Let’s just call it Jolly treat #1.

 We got to the track around 8 pm on Friday night and the ANRA guys are still there and didn’t close the gate until 9:30! Now that beats the heck out of the other guys that put on races. You can’t get in much after 6 pm like everyone can take off multiple days to get to a race!  ANRA also tech’d cars in until 9:30…… are you kidding me! NHRA Heritage needs to take note! No wonder ANRA gets 300 sportsman cars!
 So we get all set up and get our cots ready. Yes we are sleeping on cots and it was so hot that some of us decided to sleep outside.

 Saturday morning the sun comes up and it is 6 am and it is hot! Not looking forward to this. By the way, on Friday the A/C decides to give us trouble and we roast on the way to the track.

 Saturday morning we get all tech'd in and we are ready for first round of two qualifying runs. The air is bad but we needed to see where we were so we ran it with no changes from previous race where it ran 7.61. The first pass it goes 7.79 which is nowhere close to the 7.60 index. For the second run we decided to bump the timing from 24 degrees to 30 degrees and hopefully put it in to the 7.60s somewhere. On the second run it goes 7.79 again! Darn it! The timing did not help the Hemi at all. On Marks BBC timing makes huge gains but the hemi combustion chamber does not like timing. So there we sit kind of lost for what to do for first round of eliminations on Sunday.
 Side note #1
 Kelley heard from Jim that Brooklyn was watching on Live Stream and she was nervous when her mom (Kelley) was out on the track. The announcers normally talk about the "BUGS" (Back up girls) and this announcer said that Kelley was a "BUB" which I have never heard before. "BUB" = (Back up babe!) A trend has begun.   
 Side note #2
 Between round one and round two of qualifying Mark had to run into town to get a tire pressure gauge as ours was in Bryan's other race car. We also got some new spark plugs to see where the jetting was. Our ice chests had already melted the ice so that was on the order also. So while Mark was in town he gets himself Yummy treat #2. After qualifying on Saturday night we all decide a ride in the truck with the A/C on would be a good way to kill time until it cooled down outside. Guess where we went? Yummy treat #3. More on that later! Yes it is hot! Check out how cool Bryan looks! (aka: "Stone Cold Bryan Hall")

 For Sundays eliminations we decide to put a tune up in that Bryan had run 7.50 with at a previous Bakersfield race when the air was much better. We also decided to leave it a bit richer and figured that the bad air and the richer main jet should slow it down to the 7.60s somewhere. 

The 7.79 put us at #15 out of 24 cars and put us against the #3 qualifier who was last races winner and is leading the points. Just can’t catch a break! Bryan is up for the challenge and cuts an awesome .009 light to the opponents .020 light so Bryan had the advantage. The car ran a 7.55 to his 7.56 so we got the loss. Bryan crossed the finish line first 4’4” ahead of the other guy as the margin was .014 seconds. But since Bryan ran the faster time under the 7.60 index that gave the win to the opponent.

 All in all the car is running great. The pushrod problem is fixed and this car is poised to doing some winning. We did switch to Lucas Special 50 oil which has a bunch more ZDDP which is anti-wear additive Zinc and Prosperous. Most racing oils have 1200 ppm but Lucas has 3200 ppm. Much better and the oil is the same price as others. We have always been Valvoline guys but we are now Lucas guys. No wonder they are everywhere!
 So where do we go on the way home? Yes we go for yummy treat #4 and where is this marvelous place and what the heck are they selling? If any of you have ever cranked an ice cream maker you know what the delicious taste is. Yes, home-made ice cream! Well we found a little joint called Jolly Cone and their cones have what tasted exactly like homemade! So if we are going to name this tour it would be the Jolly Kone tour! If you are ever traveling on Hwy 46 which connects Hwy 5 to 99 and you are in the town of Wasco I suggest you stop in at the Jolly Kone!

Look for the Hall Bros at the Fox Hunt at Sacramento Raceway on Aug 1-2nd.
Bryan will be running AGas and Mark will be running 7.0 Pro. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blower Parts, Hilborn Filter, Enderle Nozzles, Pete Jackson Gear Drive, BDS Elect Inj Adapter for Sale

14 mm pulley, new, 29T            $75.00

14mm pulley, new, 28T     $75.00

Hilborn fuel filter, 12AN             $60.00

Inline Dominator carburetor adapter, Kuhl style, fits 6-71 and 8-71 blowers   $175.00

BDS, electronic fuel inj adapter, 8 injector holes     $100.00

Pete Jackson Gear drive, BBC, new, #427-5C     $175.00

Enderle Fuel Injection Nozzles, 7 ea. 

1ea - #58
2ea - #61
1ea - #65
1ea - #66
2ea - #67                                     $20.00

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