Monday, April 24, 2017

The Road to Nitro, week 4

The Road to Nitro, week 4
Why is it you find the best deals on stuff when you don’t have any money! There is a screaming deal on a dragster with a blown nitro motor for sale that could be bought and I could sell off the parts and end up with a free nitro engine!  
 I also was reminded of a very inexpensive funny car for sale that is an older McKinney car. The price is ultra-cheap also. I could possibly end up with a funny car and nitro stuff for about 15K! 
And they both are OBO! Of course!

Well I guess that is the way it goes. There will always be good deals. I am starting to get more hits on my stuff as I have listed parts of the car for sale along with the car as complete.
More ads, more ads, more ads!
So I was just thinking if I could get a funny car then I could have two classes to run. CIFCA funny cars and AA/FA.
CIFCA is a real nice organization that runs about 5 races a year. Funny cars on Methanol on a 7.50 index.  You get the car in for free and 4 crew members and they pay tow money .25 a mile up to 1000 miles. Plus they have allot of contingency and special payouts like best burnout! I could have an altered body for a couple of AA/FA races a year also.
Doing lots of thinking here!  

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Road to Nitro, week 3

The Road to Nitro, week 3
The sale of the engine to the rock crawler guy fell through. He needed a water engine and heck I don’t even have freeze plugs in mine since we don’t use water. Oh well, plenty of time right? I have 97 weeks left if I am to get this in under 100!  
 Hopefully with good weather right around the corner and everyone getting their taxes out of the way it should open up the market for sales of cars and parts. I guess I could start cannibalizing it a little at a time to get rid of it in smaller chunks. I already stole the battery out of it for the motorhome!
I can use the Bird Catcher so that doesn’t have to be sold. Blowers sell pretty easy so I can mark the engine price down a bunch. Don’t think I will take it down past the intake manifold. Cars are also easier to sell minus engine and trans so that is the next step.
 One good thing about not racing right now is I have been able to get more engine and blower jobs finished. I am building a blown Pontiac right now.
I would like to finish up all outstanding jobs so I can concentrate on our rental yard business. We now have a permit to construct small yards to rent out on our commercial property. It has been a long process to get to this point including 440 feet of drain pipes, about 6 feet of fill dirt and a killer neighbor friendly fence to complete permit process. The extra money from the rentals will help out with the added cost of building a new car.

This next week will me more race car ads!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Road To Nitro, week 2

The Road to Nitro, week 2
So more of the backstory on the road to Nitro. You remember the $450 check for getting 2nd place at the March Meet in 7.0 Pro? Well just to add insult to injury I should mention that I work with Brian Strange who comes from a racing family. Brian is racing RC cars right now and recently he got 3rd place at an RC event and earned 500.00! We had a good laugh about it at work and it gives me more resolve to move on.
So how is the sale of my 7.0 Pro stuff going? Well not too well. I have one guy interested in my engine. He races a Rock Crawler Racer and recently blew up his engine when he was sideways on the gas and lost oil pressure trying to dig out. He has a Discovery channel film date coming on April 23 and I thought he might buy it but nothing solid yet. One other is interested in the trans but he is all the way in Georgia.
 So who knows how many weeks this will take? Hopefully it will be under 100!

 Bryan made what he calls his “pitch” to me to rethink the 426 deal and put a Donovan 392 in it. He says we can use each other for spares if one goes out or DNQs. That is a good idea and he already has a good tune-up so sounds good to me. All that is needed now is sales of BBC parts and trade the green pieces of paper for Donovan parts. 

I will miss the wheelies!